Alberto Pettarin


I am a Principal Software Engineer in the text-to-speech research and development (TTS R&D) team of Cerence (spin-off of Nuance Communications) in Torino (Turin), Italy.

I am interested in speech and NLP technologies, high performance computing, and digital publishing. If you are curious about what I am currently working on in my spare time, click here.

Previously, I was a freelance software developer, and before that I was the (co-founder, CEO, and) Head of Research of ReadBeyond, a research lab developing innovative software for producing, distributing, and enjoying digital contents.

In another life, I was a Research Collaborator at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova, where I got a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science in 2012, for studying random geometric graphs and doing probabilistic analysis of information spreading processes.

I maintain a couple of personal projects, most of them are also on GitHub.

I occasionally write on my blog.

You can get my CV here. Feel free to get in touch.

Need a picture of me? Here you are!