Menestrello v3, Developers' Page, and More

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In case you missed them: we published the v3 of our app Menestrello, and we put online a Developers' Page.

The v3 is the result of a substantial refactoring of the app code, both in JS-land (GUI, main logic) and in native-land (Java/ObjC plugins).

In particular, the whole app architecture is now modular, which means that adding new formats/features is a lot simpler than before.

Other significant improvements include better EPUB parsing, support for a wider range of Media Overlays (SMIL) file structures, a simple but sane storage management, and a flexible i18n library.

"Substantial refactoring" also means "catastrophic bugs might be there". We tried our best, but I admit that more testing would be welcome. This is particularly true for the Android version of the app, because the fragmentation of the devices (i.e., storage access and WebView quirks) would command a lot of testing on several devices, which we do not have.

We opened a GitHub repo where you can submit issue reports.

Although we launched a funding campaign some time ago, we have not received noticeable attention/funding bids so far. Thus, we are not ready to release the app source code yet, because it is severely under-documented.

However, we felt obliged to provide more information to third party developers, maybe attracting them by describing some new/custom/non-standard features of the app. That is the reason why we put the Developers' Page online.

I plan to write a couple of posts in the near future about the features of Menestrello v3 that I like the most.

Meanwhile, go install the app and play with it!