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I have just launched, a Web App that lets users run aeneas directly from their browser.

Just a quick recap: aeneas is a Python library and set of tools that automatically align audio and text, allowing a cheap-and-quick production of SMIL for EPUB3 or SRT/TTML/VTT captioning files.

Since I learnt that some users, especially those running Windows, experienced difficulties while setting up aeneas on their machines, I decided to create this Web App, to let them use aeneas "in the browser".

The best part of the Web App? Users can register and run jobs for free. The project will rely on donations from users. I chipped the funds for the first month in, and I am a little curious to see how things will go.

Here are a few screenshots, to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Basically, it is a Web-App-y GUI to aeneas: you upload your text file, selecting its format:

Blog Image 20151109-aeneasweb1.png

Then, you upload your audio file (or select a YouTube video from which the audio will be extracted), possibly specifying the duration of the audio head and/or tail to ignore:

Blog Image 20151109-aeneasweb2.png

Finally, you select the desired output format and file name:

Blog Image 20151109-aeneasweb3.png

The available output formats include CSV, JSON, RBSE, SRT, SSV, TSV, TTML, TXT, VTT, and XML.

Your files will be processed by the server, and you will get the output file(s) delivered as attachments directly at your email address. All user files (input and output) are deleted immediately after the job has been computed.

I am quite interested in getting feedback, so please register and let me know what you think (!