Who Uses aeneas?

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A few days ago someone asked me who uses my forced alignment tool aeneas and for what applications, so here is a list of projects and people I know of.

Not included in the list: a couple of commercial publishers that I suspect they are using aeneas, but I do not for sure. (I do not care if companies use aeneas for commercial products, since it is free software... until they start asking for free support or new features!) I do not have trackers/analytics on the ReadBeyond Web site, nor on the GitHub page of the project, so I do not know for sure who is using my software, unless they tell me directly.

First, projects I have no direct involvement in:

  • the High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges: producing closed captions for educational/training videos;
  • SIL Reading App Builder: aeneas is integrated in the RAB workflow to produce Audio-eBooks apps (Android);
  • Readiance uses aeneas to align audio from LibriVox and text from Project Gutenberg, producing an online library of Audio-eBooks in HTML5 format;
  • a research group in Meraka, South Africa used aeneas for preparing training materials in their Blizzard Challenge 2016 paper;
  • a research group in Aarhus, Denmark is using aeneas for aligning audio and text (in Danish) at word-level for fMRI experiments measuring the activation of different areas in the brain when the subject hears a certain word.

Then, projects for which I have done paid work as a consultant:

Finally, projects that directly stemmed from ReadBeyond:

I hope that in 2017 this list will grow longer!

P.S.: If you are using aeneas, and you would like to be listed here, please let me know!